Bk-7.3.3 released 2018-12-29

BitKeeper version 7.3.3 released Dec 29 2018

A bugfix release, but fixes build issues on current systems

  • This release fixes some problems where bk fails to build correctly
    with newer versions of glibc. (conflict with symbol FILE) And it
    needed fixes to work with gperf v3

  • ‘bk relink’ could assert in a certain corner case
    bk: remap.c:119: remap_lstat: Assertion sccs failed.

  • Fix a bug where ‘bk cp’ didn’t work correctly when run from outside
    of a the repository containing the file being copied.

  • Fix ‘bk changes --html’ to handle quoting in comments.
    Also fix html tag order

  • difftool would use the wrong timestamp when extracting data from bk
    history. This used to work in the past but was broken with a
    different bug was fixed.

  • Fixed a bug where ‘bk collapse’ could corrupt a repository by
    removing some required tags.

This fixes the problems discussed in these threads:

Hi Wayne,

I am trying to upgrade from 7.3.2 to 7.3.3 and I get the following error when pulling or cloning from bk://bkbits.net/bk/bugfix:

“ERROR-Could not lock product, mutex failed”. Any ideas?



There was an issue on that server. Should be fixed now.