Mac download link broken

“The requested URL /downloads/7.3.3/bk-7.3.3-x86_64-macosx.pkg was not found on this server.”

Yes the macos link is not included because it doesn’t actually build anymore with recent Mac changes. I believe someone was looking into how to fix that.

Meanwhile you could fetch the previous Mac release:

I would think it would work fine.

why not adjust the download link instead having a broken link?

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I’m new to BitKeeper and was contemplating using it for my next project, however I’m now worried that leaving the primary mac download link dead for months is a bad indicator for future project support.

Is this the primary support forum for BitKeeper? Does anybody have a rough idea of how many people are actively using BitKeeper as their primary SCM today?

The company that created BitKeeper has ended and every has moved on to other employment. No idea how many people are still using BitKeeper, but I know it is stable for a couple big commercial groups.

On this Mac link we are a victim of the BitKeeper culture. We only want to make the ‘right’ fix and so it is better to leave something obviously broken rather than apply and incorrect bandaid and hide the problem. I am 100% linux and so can’t address the Mac issues.

You can install BitKeeper 7.3.3 with MacPorts, but it’s just an “incorrect band-aid” (patches here), e.g. bk little is broken and some docs are missing on macOS 10.14. Nonetheless, basic commands seem to work.