Bug reports for BitKeeper go here. A bug is something that is not working as intended and documented. Do be sure to search here prior to submitting bugs. Include steps to reproduce and information about your platform and version of BitKeeper.


Topics here relate to getting help with using BitKeeper after it has been installed. For installation questions, use the install category.


Topics about getting BitKeeper up and running for the first time. Problems with no platforms, packaging, compile problems that sort of thing.


Topics announcing new releases of BitKeeper go here.
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Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


RFCs and discussions of features requests for Bitkeeper go here.


Tutorial topics about tips and tricks for using Bitkeeper. Topics in the category may only be created by moderators, but anyone can comment and discuss.


This category is for topics related to hacking on BitKeeper. Internals, code discussions, etc.