Bitkeeper at ArchLinux (AUR)

Bitkeeper is available…again in AUR:

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You seem to have your own copy of the bitkeeper installer. Is that modified or just a copy of one of the official installers?

Its a clone of your repo, but compiled on Archlinux:

BitKeeper version is bk-7.3.2+8@0x5aaba359 for x86_64-glibc227-linux
Built on: Tue May 08 2018 13:53:13 CEST (7 weeks ago)
Running on: x86_64-glibc227-linux,4.17.2-1-ARCH
Latest version: bk-7.3.2 (released 9 months ago)

Because glibc227, your Installer can be found at:

This version will not compile on Arch, but both repository’s are maintained by me.