Bk-7.2ce released 2016-05-09

I might as well mention bk-7.2ce which is the first open-source release.

Release notes relative to bk-7.1

Release notes for BitKeeper version 7.2ce released May 9 2016

This is the first open source release of BitKeeper. Many changes involve
removing the licensing code.


  Upgraded TCL/Tk to v8.6 which improved appearance on MacOS.

  BitKeeper now uses gfile pathnames in many places where sfile
  pathnames were used in the past. The biggest change is that 'bk -r'
  returns dir/file instead of dir/SCCS/s.file.  Also many error
  messages avoid printing SCCS/s.file pathnames since those are

  The code now uses PCRE for regex code everywhere. This mainly
  changes 'bk changes -/regex/' and 'bk log -/regex/'.

  Removed old commands:
    bk _eula
    bk lease
    bk legal
    bk more
    bk status --compat
    bk users

  Several performance issues related to repositories containing
  abnormally large numbers of tags have been fixed.

  The BK/Web service has been given significant improvements to upgrade
  the appearance from 1998 web standards. ;-)

Changes in individual commands

  bk changes
    New --lattice && --longest options to change selections based on
    the input range.
    New --json option to format output for web apps
  bk delta
    if the last line has no newline at the end and has carriage
    returns, they will now be stripped.  If no data is left, then the
    line is ignored.

    The -D option is now limited to RCS diffs.  RCS diffs used to not
    recognize no newline diffs.  They are recognized now.

  bk describe
     New command to give a friendly name for the current cset like
     bk-7.1+183@0x56d9f3c0 (last tag + # of csets since @ time_t of tip)
     # Show the tip (and any other csets with that time stamp)
     bk changes -c0x56d9f3c0

  bk diffs
    -h no longer prints a blank first line.

  bk fast-export
    Add --standalone mode for exporting single components from a
    nested collection.
    Add support for incremental exports to allow a git repository to
    track a bk master.

  bk rmgone
    Rmgone was completely rewritten and removed a number of bugs and
    shortcomings.  The new code is nested aware, has a more
    understandable output, and won't incorrectly remove some files.

  bk makepatch
    Makepatch now ONLY generates the bk-5.0 fastpatch format and
    later. This breaks pull/push compatibility with bk-4.x, but old
    repositories can still be cloned and read.  bk clone --upgrade
    is your friend.

  bk upgrade
    Now downloads new versions from the www.bitkeeper.org/downloads area.
    This is also used to find the latest release as mentioned by
    'bk version'.

Bugs fixed:

  Fixed 'bk citool' support for pre-delta triggers. The old behavior
  was terrible. (sorry)

  'bk changes -R URL' with a bad URL could coredump.  Fixed.

  'bk chmod' could coredump when run outside a repository.