Bk retool and MacOS

I’m logging in to a Unix box from my Macbook and running revtool.
The revtool window pops up on my Macbook.

I can left-click just fine to get the “original” version displayed.
When I try and right-click on the newer version so I can see the diffs
between them, all that happens is that the “newer version” becomes the
"older version", so I can’t compare the differences.

I hope that made sense.

Any suggestions for me?

Are you saying that the right-click is being processed as if it were a left-click?

Can you try running some other x-windows program with that setup and see if right-click works correctly?

Does revtool work correctly when run locally on your macbook?

Thanks Wayne,

It will take me a couple of days to find out. I’m putting out other fires, and I removed bk from my MacBook when I had to delay an OS upgrade and bk no longer ran on it. I’m working on installing the new bk now that I’ve upgraded the OS, and the bk package is hanging part way thru the installation process.