Building Little with no libXft



I would like to build Little in an environment where there is no libXft, no X server and where L-gui will never make sense. Is that possible at all? I can resolve the bison and flex dependencies, but not the libxft2.

The environment is a very crippled version of Linux, namely ‘termux’, on Android 5+, without even root access:

Any hope?

Thanks a lot,


Yeah, this should be pretty easy. Little just depends on the tcl component (well, pcre et al as well).
Wack the makefile to just not build tk and the other tk libraries and you should be good to go.

Are you trying to port Little to your phone? That’s kinda cool.


Many thanks! I will give it a try indeed.

I am trying to use Little on my phone, yes. I know tcl works as it has been ported. And as there is gcc, make, bison, flex, a good libc etc., much is provided to be able to port a lot of things.

I will keep you posted on results.



If tcl builds you should be golden, I have to believe that the rest of it is pretty straight forward. Might need some makefile tweaking but shouldn’t be too hard (famous last words :slight_smile:


So far, I haven’t gone beyond building pcre :frowning:

The main problem is that termux cannot access /bin/sh, as it is a normal application running in a user chrooted environmnent. A lot of the scripts depend on /bin/sh, apparently. Even though the env var $SHELL is correctly set up by termux (namely to ‘/data/data/com.termux/files/usr/bin/bash’), it doesn’t seem to be used by the pcre/configure script, or not always.

I am now trying to build Little without pcre entirely (removing --enable-pcre from the makefile, etc).


Without pcre will work, it falls back to Henry Spencer’s regex engine. But I suspect there are other places that call /bin/sh. If you track down all of those please put a tree on bkbits so we can look at it and maybe incorporate it.


Yep you’re right.

You can’t blame anyone for relying on /bin/sh to be present on a POSIX system. But Android is really weird in many ways. When you have root, you manage around by creating symlinks etc. Without root, forget it.

I wish I had more time to sort this out. It would be really neat to have Little on my phone. But for the moment, I will have to drop the attempt.

Thanks for your help anyway.