Changing your repository parent

This morning I saw this on our IRC channel:

[06:14:36]  <cb_> hi, 'bk pull' on dev returning ERROR-cannot cd to u/bk/dev (illegal, nonexistent, or not package root)

When you clone a repository, your new repository records the URL of the repository that you are cloning. We call this the parent.

A repository may have many parents and may even have different parents for pushing vs pulling. Full information is available on the man page (bk help parent).

In this case, it seems that cb_ cloned before we did some re-organization on
To fix, cb_ can simply type:

bk parent

to change the parent pointer in his clone to the new location.

@georgn, thanks for the info. That fixed it!
cb_ here. I realized I’m an idiot in that I posted to IRC, then hung up.
Aside, is there an IRC log? I couldn’t find one.
Thanks for answering here.

Would it have been worth setting up a symlink during restructure to keep old repos working? Or best to have everybody change to not support crud? Or set it up so a symlink reports back to the user what the real address is, asking if they want to upgrade?

I figured things might have moved. Before I got on IRC, I went to to see if there was a note telling us low bandwidth types where to go now. And it still said “bk clone bk:// (or ‘dev’ for the latest)”.

I suggest fixing that, leaving a note that it moved, and think about how a pull to an old, now gone, location could return a note to where it now is (hmm, that looks like feature request)

Thanks again! I’m up and hacking once more.

Fixed the URL on the download page.
As for the other stuff, yeah, all good ideas. Those that were responsible have been chastened :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, IRC log? Not that I’m aware. A quick google showed that some people have built things like that but there doesn’t appear to be anything simple for us to hook into and so far the channel is pretty quiet.

Perhaps a project you’d like to take on? :wink:

Thanks for quick responses and fixes and the invitation to set up logging!
I think I’ll go with posting future questions here. Logging is already done :slight_smile:

“Logging is already done”? Did you hack something in?

And having the conversation here is good because then google finds it and we’ll build up a library of questions and answers. We try and nudge people from the irc to here, good on you for going here.

“Logging is already done”? Did you hack something in?

No. In switching from IRC to here, the ability to go away and come back and read what has happened is already implemented. That’s what I meant. I didn’t have that ability in IRC, but do here.
As you can see from my speedy response, I only wander by here from time to time.