Git to BitKeeper Cheatsheet

In general it would be very useful to make a cheat sheet of BK commands which are equivalent to Git.

This is an excellent idea. We should start that one ASAP… what would you suggest the list should include? I’m thinking

  • Clone
  • The difference between git’s way of initing an empty repository and pushing to it and BitKeeper’s remote clone concept.
  • Push/pull… maybe something about branches.
  • Git status
  • Bisect (BitKeeper’s bisect is a bit different as it needs to clone)

What else?

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Yes, something like that.


  • First of all the differences between git add and bk ci
  • Also, the differences in branching and merging
  • Other commands for a simple workflow with adding, modifying some stuff and publishing to others should be a straightforward map

There should be an article that explains checkout modes and why you might use them. When you use something other than checkout:edit (the default) it is a lot different than git.