HOWTO: Building BitKeeper on Windows

Our current build environment on Windows uses an old version of MSYS that we have been maintaining.
To build with this setup:

  • install the binary release of BitKeeper
  • Open a Command Prompt
  • mkdir c:\build
  • cd \build
  • download our prebuilt build environment
  • bk tar zxf win32-buildenv.tgz
  • Make a directory for your BK repository and cd to it.
  • Clone BitKeeper source:
    bk clone -sALL bk://
  • Lauch the build environment:
    cd dev
    That last step runs buildenv.bat which will set up your build environment and leave you at an MSYS bash prompt in the src directory of this BK repository.
    The batch file will complain about not being able to resolve – ignore that.
    It will also ask if you wish to remove your old non-existent buildenv, just say no.
  • Build as follows:

./build p
./build image

* You will end up with two executables (install images) in the `utils` subdirectory.  One that opens a console during the installation and one that does not (should be obvious from the name).

**Warning**: The build may fail if your machine has a current MSYS from  installed in `C:\MinGW`