Looking for a complete bk repo of bk source

If you have a complete bk repo cloned from bugfix or dev, I’d appreciate your help.

I’m particularly missing the nested repo src/gnu/msys which is likely to be populated only if you’ve built on Windows or originally cloned using options that populate all nested repos.


I am sorry @davehart . I finally got around to looking at this stuff.
The src/gnu/bin directory is populated from src/win32/msys/bin when building on Windows.
See src/win32/Makefile

The code in that Makefile assumes you are building from a bk repository with bkbits so it will need to be adapted.

And I did find a Windows VM that was used for building bk. I put a copy of the working directory in this location. The build.zip is a copy of my C:\build directory which contains a cache of certain files. The dev-oss.zip is a copy of the built directory at C:\Users\wscott\bk\dev-oss. It should be fully populated.