Moving from BK 7.1 to latest CE version

Hi all,

In my company, we have been using BK 7.1 for some time.
We had licenses till the end of 2016 which expired.
And now when using it, we get a message that the license expired and we can continue using it because we are still in the grace period.

Here are my questions:

  1. Is there a way to make sure this grace period doesn’t end before the end of January? This is critical for my project.
  2. Is moving to the latest CE version expected to be transparent (as this CE version is backward compatible to the 7.1)?
  3. Is there anything you would advise us to check when testing the new version in order to move to it?

Thanks in advance for your answer,

  1. Send an email to for this (with your license key so we can look it up)
  2. 99% transparent. Of course there are always exceptions. For example, some commands around licensing have been removed in CE (bk lease and bk users come to mind), so if you had a script that relied on that, it would need to change.
  3. No, nothing in particular.

Note that you can run multiple versions of BK concurrently by simply installing to different locations.
So you can install the CE version somewhere and experiment with clones of your project and assure yourself that all is well.

Hi Georgn,

  1. How can I access the license key? Why can’t we continue using the 7.1 version from now on if you moved to open-source?
  2. Trying to use the latest version, it seems there were commands we used till now (in 7.1 version) and that don’t work anymore. For example “bk touch” and “bk compare”. Did these commands get removed? Are there replacement commands?

Thanks and regards,

Hi Cyril,

7.1 is commercial only, it comes with support. The open source one is, well, open source. Support for that means you read the source code and figure it out. We welcome patches to improve that source base, that’s the quid pro quo of open source, we give you free stuff, you give us fixes.



Thanks LM.

I understood that it was impossible to continue using this commercial version even if my company wants to pay.
That’s not the case?

What about my other questions:

  1. How can I access the license key to request an extension?
  2. Were the “bk touch” and “bk compare” commands removed during the moving from commercial to open source version? Are there replacement commands?

Thanks and regards,