Need more examples of nested for new users

I first want to say thank you to the team for open sourcing bitkeeper. I have been converting my mercurial repos by converting them to git and then to bitkeeper. I am very interested in nested repos and triggers I can’t seem to get them to work (or at least how I think they should work).

I would like to see how nested repos would work with an imported repo. I’ve read the man pages, but i think seeing some sort of step by step tutorial would be very helpful.

After following the examples for triggers in the man page, I am not seeing any triggers firing (I am trying to automatically update the git mirror of a project so that my CI server can do its thing). Is there a way to debug this?

Thanks again… and great work!

No, thank you for using BitKeeper :wink:

In order for the triggers to work, they must be in the BitKeeper/triggers directory at the root of the repository and be named as per the conventions in bk help triggers's section on TRIGGER NAMES. They also need to be executable. (chmod +x BitKeeper/triggers/* from the root of the repo).

Are all of these conditions met?


have you pointed your browser at `bk bin`/html/nested.html ? If not, is that at least part of what you want?


Thank you for the pointer, I’ll check that out. I was trying to nested repos working by looking at the help docs ‘bk help attach’ and checking out the other “SEE ALSO” referenced man pages and couldn’t figure out what the hell to do.

Thanks. I’ll give that a shot.

I linked that nested documentation to the site.
You can find it here.

Thanks @wscott @mcvoy! I got the nested repos working. This is a really cool feature.

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