PROPOSAL: Render asciidoc files in bkweb

The bkweb repository browser will currently render a file in markdown using client side javascript.

Internally at BitKeeper, we use AsciiDoc more frequently than markdown because it is a lot more expressive.

We should use something like to add the ability to render AsciiDoc files too.

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It’d be nice if it would render markdown commit comments too :smiley:

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Render commit comments? Can you expand on that a bit? I don’t know what you mean.

What I think he’s asking for is this:

Imagine you made a commit comment and used things like `foo` and _bar_ it would be nice if that got rendered/interpreted as foo and bar in the same way any other markdown/asciidoc processor would render it.

Of course, it only makes sense for bkweb/revtool/etc to do it. bk changes output would probably need to filter that stuff out. But now I’m “engineering”.