Unable to build / install BK on Solaris 11



We are using bk-5.1.1 20110216133751 for x86-solaris which was installed years ago.
Lately we upgraded to Solaris 11.2, while trying to build / install BK 7.3 (open source version) the installation failed.

BK needs “illumos” (open source UNIX os, came from OpenSolaris) but Oracle removed illumos support in Solaris 11.

Any suggestion ?



Well… Some additional information for these various failures would make it a lot easier to debug.

I would suggest using your existing bk to clone the bk source and then build it and then copy make failures here.

bk clone -rbk-7.3ce bk://bkbits.net/bk/bugfix bk-7.3
cd bk-7.3/src
make p

Building from the repository works in more cases because if it can’t find some dependency like tomcrypt, it can clone our copy of the library and keep going.

If you have problems then add it here.