What Tcl version does Little require?


What version of Tcl does Little require?

Welcome to the Little programming language

It is mentioned in the README:

Little is based on interim Tcl and Tk releases
http://core.tcl.tk/tcl/info/497b93405b3435aa and

Those are after Tcl 8.6.1.

One of the TCLCORE guys has Little merged forward to 8.6.5 in a branch of their Fossil repository, but we are not sure that is working yet.

Note Little is not a Tcl extension, it is a new version of the Tcl library that includes the Little language. So all of Tcl is included in the download.


Cool, thanks. I’m stuck on something crufty (8.4.x) so I’ll have to upgrade in order to bring this in to my main development stream. But I’ll start evaluating it as soon as I free up some time.